PhD study program at Faculty of Economics and Management, SUA

Research and doctoral studies are core activities of the Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), SUA in Nitra, Slovakia. FEM SUA in Nitra has provided doctoral training for more than 60 years. The objective of the PhD study is to prepare students for individual and creative scientific work. The student contributes to the development of scientific knowledge within his field through his research. FEM is able to offer a stimulating research environment where you can work in close cooperation with experienced researchers, other doctoral students, representatives from trade and industry and the international academic community.

PhD structure at FEM SUA

The FEM PhD Programme corresponds to three years on the present form or four years on the external form of doctoral studies. PhD study program consists of 180 credits: of study part (60 credits) and scientific part (120 credits). The main focus during a PhD is doing your own research, which you will start from the first year. In parallel, you will undertake compulsory coursework and take part in courses, seminars, and conferences. These will provide credits that are required to progress, as well as the skills to become a researcher and an expert in your own field. As a PhD student, your main activity will be to do research, mostly on your own project. However, it is compulsory to be involved in teaching, either by teaching directly, marking papers, or supervising students. Other activities will include attending conferences, giving presentations and publishing scientific papers. As a PhD student at FEM, you have access to a broad range of courses, conferences, and workshops both in Slovakia and abroad. During your studies, you have good opportunities to follow and contribute to the knowledge development within your research field. At the end of your study, you have your final examination as a public defence. After a successful defense, you will be given the title” Philosophiae doctor" (PhD.). The main criteria for the award of PhD are that you have conducted independent and original scientific research and that you are capable to present this research orally and in writing.

PhD study programs at FEM SUA


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Agrarian Trade and Marketing