Dr. Harry J. Bremmers


tl_files/fem/documents/MBA program/international teachers photos/Bremmers.jpg Name: Bremmers
First names: Harry Joseph (H.J.)
Titles: Dr. mr.
Adress: Burg. van Deelensingel 56
Postal code: 5941 BD
City: Velden, Netherlands
Birth date: 1st February 1953
Tel. nr.: work: +31 (0) 317 485009; private: (0)774720802
06-number: +31 6 50919975
e-mail (work): harry.bremmers@wur.nl
e-mail (private): hjbremmers@home.nl
Married to: H.G.M Kemner (Henny)
Children: 2
Hobbies: scuba diving, fitness

Holding MSc’s in Business economics and Dutch Law. Phd in Environmental Law & Financial Accounting (Reporting Consequences of Environmental Impact).

Main job content (2009)

  • present employer: Law & Governance Group (Social Sciences, WUR).
  • teaching: accounting and financial and environmental management; food Law; environmental governance.
  • research: explaining and influencing sustainability in food firms & supply chains, food safety & quality in supply chains; transparency in the food industry (food information).
  • Management of Business Administration


  • Exam HBS-A, June 1971 (college exam).
  • MSc business economics, Economic Faculty, University of Brabant (KUB), 1977.
  • Pedagogics MO-A, March 1983.
  • MSc Dutch Law, Erasmus University Rotter¬dam, August 1993.
  • Phd (Law & Business Economics, Financial Accounting), 30th March 1995, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

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