Workshops on Storytelling and movie education

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Workshops on Storytelling and movie education University of Szeged, Hungary

On November 8 – November 10, 2021, as the part of the Central European Network for Sustainable and Innovative Economy project, representants of FEM SUA Ing. Erik Janšto, PhD. & Ing. Filip Tkáč participated at workshop dedicated to Storytelling and Movie Education.

The workshop was an opportunity to sum up task connected with writing educational materials that have already be prepared- ebooks ( ) and discuss plans of collaborative research and works for the future.

The main goals of that workshops were:

  • To introduce storytelling as teaching method
  • To present process, advantages and disadvantages of storytelling in higher education
  • To discuss storytelling case studies
  • To improve teaching skills with the use of methods of storytelling
  • Movie learning

During the workshops we also visited laboratories at Faculty of Engineering and studio of Egyetem TV  (TV University studio) and take lessons devoted the basics Da vinci software and its application for the movie making.

Another topic discussed during the workshop is connected with the regulations of planned competition. The purpose of the competition is to encourage students from all partnering universities (also PhD students) to create short movie on Sustainable Development / Sustainability / Innovations. The competitions will start in January 1 and the deadline is May 30th. We will bring more info about competition ASAP.

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