Working meeting within the AgroTec Erasmus+ project

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On 22 July 2023, Dr. Riyadh Qashi from Int@E in Germany visited us at the FEM SUA in Nitra, who is a partner in the AgroTec Erasmus+ project (ERASMUS-EDU-2022-CB-VET, 101092160). Together with Ing. Jana Gálová, PhD. (local project coordinator) and PhDr. Anna Mravcová, PhD. (project investigator) from the Institute of Marketing, Business and Social Studies, they discussed the upcoming project activities as well as the training workshop in October, when we will welcome colleagues from Jordanian and Palestinian universities at our faculty.

The presence of colleagues from the Middle East will be an excellent opportunity to organize a "Knowledge Café" on "Food, Marketing and International Business: on the Route Central Europe – Middle East". The Knowledge Café will introduce the participatory teaching model and will be mainly aimed at students of the International Economics and Development study programme (double degree with the Middlesex University in London) and our partner secondary schools (hotel and business academies) that teach in English.

Author: Dr. Jana GálováIMTSS FEM SUA in Nitra


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