Sustainable food consumption as a topic of a new strategic partnership at FEM SPU in Nitra

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The issue of sustainable food consumption, examined in the segment of households of Slovakia, Sweden, Turkey, Denmark and Austria, is the main theme of the Strategic Partnership Erasmus plus project “Assessing and Changing Adults' Behaviour on Sustainable Consumption of Food” (Nr. 2018-1-TR-01-KA- 204 -058739), the first project meeting took place on 31.1. - 2.2. 2019 in Izmire, Turkey.

The team of the Department of Marketing and Trade and the Department of Statistics and Operational Research will cooperate on the project, as the project has its research, educational and dissemination part, linked to the focus of both workplaces. The result of the research should be so-called SCOFI Index (sustainable food consumption index), an online study material and mobile application to provide day-to-day guidance and tips on sustainable behaviour in the households, during purchase, storage and consumption of food in order to reduce food waste.

The project is coordinated by Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir and other partners are Aarhus University in Denmark, BOKU University in Vienna, Legacy 17 as a non-governmental organization from Sweden and Mugla Sitki Kocman University in Turkey. Local FEM coordinator is prof. Elena Horská. The next project meeting will be held in Nitra on 23.- 24. April 2019.

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