Multiplier event in Nitra, Slovakia, August 16 - 18, 2017

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Last multiplier event of project FOODCOST was organized by the Slovak University of Agriculture and its Faculty of Economics and Management in August, 16 - 18, 2017 in Nitra. During the event the project results and outcomes were introduced to academic and research practice, and also to businesses and media. During the event we launched officially project book and one of them, "Neuromarketing in Food Retailing" was awarded by National prize "Zlatý Kosák 2017." It is very prestigious award, awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Regional Development of the Slovak Republic.

Multiplier event was attended by national and international participants, coming from other university from Slovakia and abroad, secondary school teachers, businesses (production, processing, retailing, e-shops, media). The main theme for discussion was how to apply the project result in day to day business, academic sphere, further research. There were some new project and collaborative ideas generated from the meetings with project team members and faculty representatives.

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