Lecture of the Indonesian ambassador at FEM SPU in Nitra

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The Faculty of Economics and Management, SPU in Nitra, welcomed on 18th February the Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Slovak Republic Adiyatwidi Adiwoso Asmady. The Ambassador presented an interesting lecture 'Indonesia Today', which was part of Indonesia corner's activities at FEM. The lecture reflected on issues of international relations and trade, diversity of the world. It was intended for students studying the subject of a European consumer and consumer behaviour.

According to words of prof. Elena Horská – dean of FEM, "we try to bring for students not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical contexts. On the example of Indonesia, we wanted to point out ways to study consumer behaviour in another country that the marketer must understand when he / she wants to cooperate and trade with the country. At the same time, students could learn more about the global world."

After the Indonesian Ambassador's lecture, a discussion and tasting of Indonesian cuisine was held.

Cooperation of SPU in Nitra with the Indonesian universities has begun in 2012 to undertake research into the wheat cultivation program in Indonesia, as the question of food security resonates in the world. The second pillar of the cooperation was marketing and consumer research focused on the use of innovative neuromarketing methods in consumer behaviour. It was implemented by FEM SPU and Gunadarma University, which also supported the FEM in the construction of a modern Laboratory of Consumer Studies.


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