Why to study at the Faculty of Economics and Management?

  • Prestigious University in the Slovak Republic with acommitment to the overall development and welfare of students and staffwithin an international community
  • Faculty of Economics and Management is consistently awarded by ARRA (Independant university rankings agency) as the top Economic faculty with in Slovak Republic
  • Wide range of accrededited study programs which covers key areas of Economics and Management
  • Excellent reputation and renowned for graduate employability in both public and private sector
  • We conduct sound theoritical classroom sessions with a combinations of encouraging students to Interact and activily particiapate in debates and dicussions.
  • Outstanding teaching methods and support that enable our students to excel in a global environment
  • Unique study programs and cutting edge research with sound international background
  • Partnerships with over 50 overseas institutes to enhace Study abroad opportunities such as ERASMUS in various geographic locations.

Faculty values:
Education "We develop academic excellence, spread knowledge and know how, respect freedom of expressionand ideas in favor of every student of our faculty."

  • Responsibility "We act honestly and responsibly to maintain high level of education."
  • Humanity "We built learning society by mutual understanding and tolerance."
  • Cooperation "We deal with challenges by adopting mutual cooperation, courage and using creativity with objective to continue with improvement of knowledge and implementation of scientific innovations."


Ing. Veronika Hrdá, PhD.
Vice-dean for Internationalization
e-mail: veronika.hrda@uniag.sk

Ing. Mária Borbélyová, PhD.
Mobility and project coordinator
e-mail: maria.borbelyova@uniag.sk

Ing. Jana Gálová, PhD.
Project coordinator
e-mail: jana.galova@uniag.sk