Bachelor study programme at Faculty of Economic and Management, SUA

International Business with Agrarian Commodities
(Available for full – time study)

Study programme International Business with Agrarian Commodities is intended for students excited about business and entrepreneurship. It gives you a unique opportunity to develop your knowledge in Economics, Business, Management, Marketing, Finance, Mathematics, International Trade and related areas. Besides theoretical knowledge we focus on teaching practical skills using case studies, group assignments, simulations and project work with the aim to prepare you not only for further studies but also for the job market. Upon entering our Bc. programme in International Business with Agrarian Commodities you will begin on a path of both enriching your life and enhancing your career prospects.

Business Management
(Offered in present and part-time form, in Slovak and English language)

Are you interested in local or global business trends and managerial challenges? Study programme Business Management is a new English–taught program which offers you an comprehensive education in business, managerial and economics with analytical focus. Study programme Business Management prepares you for both local and international career in fields such as consulting, management or economic. International programme, global perspective, strong community and specialization are benefits that this study programme offers you. Moreover, the program is an excellent basis if you plan to continue your academic journey by enrolling in an international master’s program in a related field at FEM SUA in Nitra or at another university.