Ing. Tomáš Štrbo

Graduate of the Master study program:
Quantitative Management and Application of Computer Science (FEM) (today: Quantitative Methods in Economics).

After completing his studies:
After graduating from the University in 2007, he worked for IBM.

In 2007-2009, as the junior financial analyst he was responsible for the French region. Subsequently, in 2010, he joined a newly-formed team dedicated to the valuation of outsourcing international projects and contracts for consulting services.

Between 2014 and 2016, IBM he was sent to Bulgaria to help with the opening and running of a newly-built financial center in Sofia, where he worked as the department manager supporting the European and Middle East markets.

In 2016 he returned to Slovakia, where he was the manager of a software entity responsible for Europe's quotations.

As part of the "IBM University Relations" project, he acts as a representative partner for our faculty. He continuously collaborates on various projects with the university.

What gave him a study at FEM:
Overview of the economic sphere, financial and analytical skills, improvement of management stress, beautiful experiences and new friends.

Message to students:
Enjoy a student life, take advantage of all the opportunities offered by FEM, be patient, improve and educate yourself every day, respect yourself and others, keep your goals and don´t give up. Neither Rome was built in one day.