FEM students again in Taiwan successfully

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Another year, FEM SPU cooperated with National Taipei University during The 10th Financial Leadership Conference held on 29th January – 1st February in Sanshia, Taipei, Taiwan. Our three delegates, namely Bc. Anna Zemková, Veronika Zábojníková and Bc.Stefan Apostol got the opportunity to participate in the conference, prepare lectures for Taiwanese high school students, soiree performance and many other activities, as well as visit many beautiful places in Taipei and experience typical Asian culture.

We presented our lectures in the field of marketing, management and communication. Anna´s lecture was about process adaptation, price and marketing, Veronika´s lecture was about managing people across cultures and Stefan told them about communication. All lectures involved many activities for students to understand the topic better. Students were interested about our lectures and they got new knowledge. Students were younger than us and they were shy but we did not see differences among us. We think that multinational perspective will help them to face challenges and come up with creative solutions.

Every day was special for us. Students worked really hard to make Financial Leadership Conference great, and we helped them with many activities and games. Students at International Department were incredibly helpful and caring, they showed us their support and they spent lots of time with us. We had a chance to visit a lot of interesting places. We visited Sanxia Temple, Skyscraper Taipei IOI (9th tallest building in the world), village Jiufen near Pacific Ocean and Shilin Night Market. We tasted many typical asian meals and street food, such as dumplings, mochi cake, octopus and of course bubble tea.

Talking about Taiwan, its dynamic capitalist economy is driven largely by industrial manufacturing, especially exports of electronics, machinery, and petrochemicals which make the country one of the most rich in the Asia–Pacific region.

Taipei is modern, developed city with great infrastructure and public transportation system. Despite of many high-rise buildings, we were able to see lots of parks and green areas, playgrounds for kids, people could rent a bicycle at every corner. One of the best things is definitely a free drinking water everywhere. You can just fill your bottle without paying, whether you are on the street in a city centre, shopping mall or in a national park.

During the conference, students also had the chance to meet the Dean of the College of Business from NTPU, which expressed his gratitude for efforts and high contribution involved by our representants and discussed with them about future coordination of activities but also the challenges of potential students exchange. We made new friendship with others students and had unforgettable weeks with them. They were very kind, and cared about us all the time, supported during our lectures and showed us beautiful country called Taiwan. We are really thankful for this opportunity. It was unique experience which gave us memories and experiences. We will cherish these memories forever.

Authors: Anna Zemková, Veronika Zábojníková, Stefan Apostol


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