Ing. Štefan Chochláč

Graduate of the Master study program:
International Trade, 2009

After completing his studies:
During his studies, he dealt with online marketing, campaign optimization, website design and e-commerce. After completing his studies, he joined and, where he worked as a Chief Project Manager.
Since 2014, he has founded 2 companies together with his partner:
- - web development company whose main area of ​​activity is web site creation, e-shop and web design.
- - Tool for automating product advertising in Google AdWords. It is a world-class tool and, together with, has clients around the world. Thanks to continuous development, Google has become Google Channel Partners, one of approximately 500 PPC agencies worldwide, out of a total of around 39,000 agencies worldwide,

Currently working as:
Chief Operating Officer and Project Manager at (ASData group) and (Winston Bros)

What gave me the study at FEM (learning from school):
- General overview in the field.
- Study of foreign languages ​​and communication skills in English and Spanish, language certificate.
- Experience in project and presentation creation.
- Ability to work independently and teamwork.
- Creative thinking, communicating and presenting your thoughts and knowledge.
- Dealing with stress and many life situations later in practice.

Of course, I can not remember the most beautiful memories of youth, friendship, love, fun, sports and many unforgettable experiences, because this is an important and indispensable part of the university life.

Message to students:
FEM is a great faculty, and international trade has been an excellent study program where I gained an overview in the field, linguistic and analytical skills, first managerial experience, communication skills and first publication experience. I have learned many excellent teachers, experts. I recommend students during the course of study to be profiled and choose a study program that they will later put into practice. I emphasize the emphasis on improving language learning (all foreign languages ​​taught at the Department of Languages ​​are very much needed by an expert in any field in practice, the more you learn, learn foreign languages ​​and travel, exchange and study abroad, Do not be afraid to realize your ideas If you have to take a healthy risk Keep your WORK, FINISH and PUBLISH results, because today is not enough just to work and bring your work to a successful end, but you must also present, so publish your results.