Covid -19: Updated information for international students

From March 30, the lessons remain cancelled until further notice. All of your courses - lectures and seminars will be online, from the materials you receive from your professors. The supervisors and professors should inform you about the possibilities of getting the credits online and further examination as well. All the exams will be held online. The exam session will last until July 31. 
Please, make sure you check your mail every day in order to be informed about all the changes and decisions. In case you do not receive materials from your professors, please contact the dean of the faculty prof. Elena Horska ( or immediately or you can contact me as well, and write the name of the professor who does not communicate. 
Information for the students who are still in Nitra:
Please, stay safe, leave your room as little as possible, wear face masks and try to keep yourself fit and healthy, taking vitamins and getting a little bit of sun and fresh air. Do not gather at parties, study online and take care! 
Information for students who have left Nitra:
The best possible solution for all of you is to stay at home, follow regulations and measures of your government, study online and keep in touch with the professors. I do not recommed travelling back to Nitra, as it might be complicated with the quarantine, transport and testing. Do not worry, stay safe, calm and take care! You will get more information about keeping your rooms and issues connected with accommodation. 
For this year bachelor and master students:
According to the new schedule of SUA Nitra, please upload your final thesis in the university system at least 3 weeks before the state exam, latest. (Of course you can upload it even sooner, ASAP is the best!). The printed version of your final thesis is not needed this year! State exams for bachelors will take place from July 6 - July 10,2020. Master students will take a state exam from June 15 - June 19, 2020.
As for the PhD students, the date of dissertation state exam will be announced by the faculty, soon. The defense of your dissertation thesis must be finished by August 31, 2020. You will know the exact dates soon.

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