Entrepreneurship Trainers for VET: A Novel Generation Learning approach

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ENTANGLE addresses the above-mentioned issues by focusing on the VET teachers, and provide them with materials and tools to improve the quality of the entrepreneurship training and develop new programmes better adjusted to the business world.

A real support for VET teachers
ENTANGLE aims at providing VET teachers with the skills and competences in order to cope with future challenges. In particular the project will optimise their position and practical role in between students and current start-ups and/or small entrepreneurs.

ENTANGLE final goal
The project’s ultimate goal is to have more VET students starting their own enterprise and this will be reached by directly and indirectly improving the quality of: lessons, learning material, advice, guidance and VET-small entrepreneur/former VET student relations.

An innovative approach
The ENTANGLE project has an innovative approach to entrepreneurship teaching in VET institutes (VETs). It adopts a full scale method with supporting materials and tools, a direct and practical approach not yet applied in most VETs. ENTANGLE effectively strengthens the liaison between VET professionals and this emerging kind of working life called entrepreneurship. By doing so, it develops the capacities of VET teachers for better job and career guidance to individual students.

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