MBA students in Krakow

tl_files/fem/galleries/MBA/2014 - MBA students in Krakow/Schranka01.jpg Excursion and lecture for MBA I students took place on 20 – 22 March 2014 in Krakow at the University of Agriculture as a part of the MBA study. It was organized by the MBA management of SUA in Nitra and associate professor Adrzej Krasnodebski, the vice-dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Economics in Krakow.
The students were welcomed by prof. Andrzej Lepiarczyk, the dean of the faculty. He and the vice-rector of SUA, prof. Elena Horska, talked about a good and long-run cooperation between the two universities.
The lecture was delivered by prof. Czeslaw Nowak from the Department of Rural Development and Extension on the topic:  Polish Agrisector in the Context of the CAP and Multifunctional Development. 
Prof. Nowak covered in his lecture such issues as employment in Polish agriculture and its comparison with other European Union countries, public opinion versus Common Agricultural Policy, he compared budgets of 2013 and 2014, next he mentioned the position of farmers within EU and transformation in Poland, the reasons of rural depopulation and many other interesting facts.
  tl_files/fem/galleries/MBA/2014 - MBA students in Krakow/obr.jpg
The rest of the time spent in Krakow the students filled with the excursion watching sightseeing of the city, getting to know some historical facts about Krakow and Polish history. The social informal gatherings were also very attractive for the students getting to know each other more closely.