Ing. Zdenko Štefanides, N.Sc.

Graduate of the Master study program:
Automated Management Systems (FEM), (today: Quantitative Methods in Economics). After completing his studies at the FEM in 1994, he was selected for Master study program carried out in cooperation with the Cornell University in Ithaca, USA, and graduated in 1997 and earned the title Master of Science in Applied Econometrics and Quantitative Analyzes.

After completing his studies:
After graduating from the university he worked in the monetary branch of the National Bank of Slovakia.
In 2000-03, JP Morgan, Vice President and Economic Analyst for Central and Eastern Europe, worked for London in London. The JP Morgan team, to which Štefanides was a member, ranked Institutional Investor in 2001-03 as the number one emerging market maker in emerging markets.
Zdenko Štefanides joined the analytical team of VUB Bank in January 2004, in October he was entrusted with his leadership.

Currently working as: Chief Economist of VUB Bank