Ing. Samuel Maďar

Graduate of the Master study program: International Trade, 2009

After completing his studies:
- IBM Slovakia (Bratislava) - Center of Excellence: 2009 - 2011
Working position: Service Pac Registration Administrator (for German and English official languages) plus other projects such as Effective German Communication and Investigator of Quarter Program

- CIT Finance Group - Dublin, Ireland: 2011 - 2013
Job position: Account Manager in the Collections Department - for countries with German and English official languages

- Bentley Systems Inc. - Dublin, IRL: 2013-2015
- Bentley Systems Inc. - Graz, AT: 2015-2017
Job positions: Sales Representative, Regional Account Manager, Corporate Account Manager - for countries with German and English official languages.
The company left Austria for Germany in 2017.

Currently working as:

Sophos GmbH - Vienna, Austria
Job Position: Channel Sales Manager

What gave me the FEM (learning from school):
Theoretical knowledge from major profile subjects such as economics, management, statistics, and communication skills in English and German. During my studies I received the UNICERT B2 Certificates from both languages. I also appreciated several experiences of my college teachers that often enriched my own opinions and attitudes.

Message to students:
Higher education makes it easier for young people to succeed in the labor market in foreign countries, especially at the beginning of their careers. Later, it is very important to engage in your own initiative, which means getting more and more practical experience and, of course, interested in all kinds of information. Successful completion of higher education alone does not guarantee success in work. Practice is absolutely essential to my success. Moreover, what I consider to be important is to have contacts and connections to different corporate structures, be able to express my opinion, argue, etc. Trust and friendship are important as well as the ability to hold on to our own values, attitudes and opinions. Finally, work hard and demonstrate your quality as a new employee. Never be satisfied with what you have achieved. It is not crucial to achieve your goal, but also how you can reach it. Creativity is unlimited. I WISH YOU GOOD LUCK!