Marek Ličák 

Graduate of the Doctoral study program: Sectoral and Cross-cutting Economies, 2007
Graduate of the Master study program: Business Management, 2000

After completing his studies:
National Bank of Slovakia (from 2003 to present)

I started at the position of Officer - a financial market analyst. Subsequently, I was Head of the Financial Market Analyzes Unit, and since 2012 I have been Director of the Macro-Supervision Department.

I am responsible for the area of ​​financial stability in Slovakia. This area covers the analytical area as well as decision-making to mitigate financial market imbalances and increase the resilience of financial institutions. Decisions concern, for example, the mitigation of excessive credit growth, the strengthening of capital adequacy.

At the same time, I am working in committees within the European Central Bank, the European Systemic Risk Board, responsible for financial stability within the euro area and the EU.

What gave me a study at FEM and a message to students:
Labor market demands are steadily increasing. The requirements for new employees are significantly higher than when I entered the labor market. College is a very important part of preparing for your future work. More and more decides what school you have graduated. The quality of the school is not only a matter of knowledge, but also if its graduates are ready for real life. You will get a substantial part of your knowledge only on a particular job position. In process of recruiting new employees, the candidate's moral and emotional qualities become more and more important, whether he can work independently, whether he is creative, active, hardworking, good in team work, manage stress and loses, and colleague shortcomings. active and responsible approach during the study. Make sure that learning is not just a "walk" through a year or a stamping, but a good preparation for your future job. For me personally, FEM was a good preparation for life.