MSc. Andrea Čapkovičová

Graduate of the Bachelor Study Program: Business Management (2010)

After completing her studies:
Afterwards, Erasmus Mundus Master studied AFEPA (Agricultural, Food, Environmental Policy Analysis), where she attended one-year study mobility at Uppsala (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) and Budapest (Corvinus University in Budapest). After successfully completing her studies, she obtained a Master of Science degree in Economics (SLU, Uppsala) and Rural Development and Agribusiness (CUB, Budapest). Thanks to an international and specifically focused study of agricultural policy and agricultural economics, she continues to pursue a theoretical deepening of PhD knowledge. study at Charles University, Social Geography and Regional Development. In her dissertation she focuses on structural changes in employment in the Czech countryside from 1990 to presently in the context of integration processes and the changing paradigms of rural development, also in view of the changing setting of the Common Agricultural Policy.

Since 2012, she has been actively involved not only in science but also in the practical assessment and application of European policies. In the period 2012 - 2015 she worked in the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Information (Prague), where she held the position of research and development worker, focusing on the territorial development of agriculture and rural areas. She was the co-researcher and principal investigator of several research projects (eg LFA evaluation, LEADER method, territorial development assessment of employment). From 2015 until September 2016, she worked as a methodologist for EU funds at the Ministry for Regional Development (Prague), where she was responsible for the management of the National Index of Indicators for programs funded under the Partnership Agreement (ESIF - European Structural and Investment Funds). Among other things, she also guaranteed a national methodology for evaluating and setting up and monitoring operational programs' indicator systems.

In October 2016, she got a chance to be a Blue Book trainee at the European Commission, namely the INEA (Innovation and Networks Executive Agency), responsible for the implementation of CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) projects. After this internship she worked as Project Manager within the ATM (air traffic management) portfolio.

Currently working as:
From July 2017, she works at the Directorate General for Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Commission (Brussels), at the Analysis and Outlook department. Her work is to evaluate and analyze agricultural markets, namely the dairy, olive oil, fruit and vegetables sectors. It contributes through its analysis to the EU's short-term outlook for EU agricultural markets ( and EU agricultural outlook for agricultural markets and income (https: // In addition to other activities, she also contributes to analyzes of the Common Agricultural Policy, in the framework of monitoring the so- Voluntary Coupled Support.

What gave me the FEM study (using the knowledge from the school):
Programming the agrocomplex system through its individual articles (plant and livestock production, production mechanization, linking with the economy of the enterprise, accounting and placement of commodities and products on the market) - in macro and micro perspectives.

Message to students at FEM:
Be curious and patient (and do not be afraid to go against your dream).

Outlook team na „The 2017 EU Agricultural Outlook Conference“ (18-19/12/2017, Brusel),
Andrea Čapkovičová in the second row