Laboratory of Consumer Studies


The goal of the unique Laboratory of Consumer Studies at the Faculty of Economics and Management of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra is to take research and education in Slovakia to the next level in the field of Trade, Marketing, Management and Economy using the latest technologies. It is the result of a four-year project that was officially opened on October 16, 2018, being an original concept created by a group of experts and enthusiasts for innovative research solutions for business under the supervision of Ing. Jakub Berčík, PhD., with the support of the Department of Marketing and Trade, the management of the faculty and the university, as well as partners and sponsors. The laboratory consists of the main room and the control room. The main room serves for marketing, management and economics research using biometric and neuroimaging devices (similar to those used in medicine for diagnostics).

It consists of four parts:

• simulated sales area for detailed examination of the purchasing process and decision-making when selecting products,

• multifunctional sensory table with implicit feedback retrieval for examining the perception of products, packaging design and used materials,

• aroma diffuser for studying the impact of aromas on human perceptions and preferences, and

• the universal space for the research of ads, websites and online applications.

In comparison with other laboratories, this one also allows precise control of environmental factors (purchasing atmosphere) and aromatization that have a major impact on human decision-making and thus enables a completely new concept of research approaches to the given topics of practice.